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4 Shots a Gay Wedding Photographer Should Take

gay wedding photographerAs a gay wedding photographer, you need to remember that though you have been shooting weddings for years, a same sex marriage is different from the traditional weddings. Even if you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, if same sex weddings are not your specialty, you need to become a photography student again and learn the necessary things about a gay wedding.

Remember that same sex marriage is fairly new, and these people have spent the first decades of their lives thinking that they will never be legally united with the love of their life. And now that gay marriages are legal in some places, you need to be very empathetic about the emotions that overflow due to the sheer happiness of a dream come true. You must have a checklist of important moments to capture as a gay wedding photographer, but there are top four poses that you must prioritize to get.

Full length photo

Never make the rookie mistake of assuming that one partner is stronger than the other, or that one is the dominant figure and the other is the submissive one. They could have equal control, or you have guessed the reverse. In any case, do not be hesitant to ask freely whatever questions you have regarding their relationship. That way, you can capture a very important pose of them together in full length view. You can orchestrate their placement according to what you found about their relationship, and you can seize the moment when they wear their individual wedding attire.

Emotional kiss

Gay people are quite emotional, and you need to capture the very special moment when they kiss for the first time as married couple. That heartfelt, highly emotional few seconds of their lives need to be expertly captured by you as their gay wedding photographer. It is the first intimate kiss they make as married couple. The pure essence of true happiness will surely be displayed in their eyes.

First dance as married couple

The newlyweds may have danced many times before, but their first dance as married partners is going to be an exceptional wedding photograph that they will treasure forever. It is the dance of fulfillment, a dance of success, a dance of celebration in honor of their dedication for each other.

Portrait with the couple and their families

A gay wedding does not happen just like the traditional weddings. Same sex couples needed to walk through thousands of obstacles before they finally reached the happiest day of their lives. Many people are still not open to the idea of gay weddings, and you can be sure that one, two, or even the whole family of the couples was in one time against their relationship. As their gay wedding photographer, it is your honor and privilege to witness the coming together of two families for one special event, giving their earned blessings and support to the couples who defied the odds for the sake of their deep love for each other. Paul Grace Photography can definitely capture the true essence of a family in one portrait photograph.