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wedding photographer CardiffShould the entire burden of the success of your wedding photographs be placed on the wedding photographer Cardiff alone? This is a very important question as polls indicate that wedding couples often shift the blame of the outcome of their images to the shoulders of the photographer. They blame the photographer for not taking the images according to their requirements.

Although to a large extent the turn out of the images is up to the skill set of the photographer, this does not mean the couple is absolved of all responsibility. Just like the couple took the proactive step in securing the services of the photographer, they ought to also take a proactive step in ensuring that everything is in place to ensure the success of the pictures.

Most photographers are flexible and innovative and try to make the best of a situation. But, circumstances aren’t always favorable. Therefore, as the person requiring the services of the photographer, here are some things you can do to make their job easier:

  • Taking them to the wedding venue

How can a Wedding Photographer Cardiff plan properly for the event if he or she has no idea of what to expect from the venue? One thing you need to understand is that we proper planning comes adequate preparation. If a photographer gets to visit the wedding site before the d-day, he or she knows the tools that will be required to accomplish the feat of beautiful images.

Another reason why a visit to the site is important is lighting. Lighting is very essential for photography. There is only so much a flash bulb can help to achieve. If the wedding is going to take place during the day, afternoon or night, the photographer needs to come with various tools to ensure the type of light during these periods has no bad effect on the outcome of the images.

Sure, most it is part of the craft of photography to always be prepared for anything but foresight is still better than hindsight.

  • Wedding shot list

For your wedding images, you need to decide if you are giving the wedding photographer a blank canvas to shoot images or he or she needs to abide by a certain shot list. If you require certain images to be taken, then make it known to the photographer! Due to the expertise of the photographer, there is already a certain level of awareness regarding specific images that must be included in the wedding album. However, apart from these images and those he happens to shoot during the course of the wedding, what else can you expect?

To avoid any instance of “why didn’t you take this” or “you should have done that”, then both you and the photographer need to sit down and hash out the details of the images. This way, you know that your ideal pictures will be part of the wedding album and the wedding photographer Cardiff Kathryn Adams knows that there are certain things you will be looking out for. Cooperation is always key to successfully capturing relevant images.

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wedding photographySpending hours on the Internet, calling numbers after numbers, scheduling meetings with so many strangers, these are all parts of finding the right photographer for you. And when you want to book for their wedding photography service, you need to spend a lot of money on it. It’s definitely not cheap and easy, makes you wonder if you really need it.

But, hey. It’s not a bad thing to think so. In fact, we encourage people to think about what they really need for their wedding and weight out the pros and cons. Here, we want to show you the pros of booking a professional wedding photography service.

Pictures to remember with

We will never forget the day we tie the knot with the person we will spend the rest of our life with. We were so nervous, happy, and all those emotions just got mixed up inside us. There were tears of joy along with hugs and congratulating words from our family and friends. Entering the first month, many felt surreal with what happened, enjoying the new life they are paving together.

Enter the 50th year, your memory begins to fade. You still remember the date you got married, what your mom said to your right after you wore your wedding dress and that kiss that sealed the vow. But it seems that more and more details are forgotten. What was the color of the flowers? Who was it that sang your favorite song during the reception?

Our memories will fail us sooner or later, but we don’t want that to be the last of it. That is the purpose of hiring professionals like Mark Quinn Photography for your wedding photography. You want each and every moment that you have planned so carefully with to be remembered for a very long time.

Professional skills

There is always someone looking out for us and wants to offer us any kind of help. Maybe you have someone offering himself to become the photographer for that special day. That is a great thing to have because that person knows you much better than most professional wedding photographers, but at the same time, here’s the thing.

They were never trained nor do they have the experience of shooting for actual wedding photography. They may know a thing or two, but it will not measure up to a professional. So, here’s what you should offer. You can still hire a professional wedding photographer, and let that kind person be the photographer he wishes to be. You know that you’ll appreciate some of his works.

Professional service

When you let a close person do the job, you will definitely hesitate to tell him/her that the pictures weren’t exactly nice. Well, he/she wasn’t a professional, to begin with and you shouldn’t have your hopes high for it. But if you hired someone who is paid for it, you have the rights to ask and complain about the service.

Mention your requests about the wedding photography service you have paid for and your photographer will do it for you. You get to comment on the pictures right after they are captured, but it will be hard to do so with someone who is doing it for free.

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gay wedding photographerAs a gay wedding photographer, you need to remember that though you have been shooting weddings for years, a same sex marriage is different from the traditional weddings. Even if you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, if same sex weddings are not your specialty, you need to become a photography student again and learn the necessary things about a gay wedding.

Remember that same sex marriage is fairly new, and these people have spent the first decades of their lives thinking that they will never be legally united with the love of their life. And now that gay marriages are legal in some places, you need to be very empathetic about the emotions that overflow due to the sheer happiness of a dream come true. You must have a checklist of important moments to capture as a gay wedding photographer, but there are top four poses that you must prioritize to get.

Full length photo

Never make the rookie mistake of assuming that one partner is stronger than the other, or that one is the dominant figure and the other is the submissive one. They could have equal control, or you have guessed the reverse. In any case, do not be hesitant to ask freely whatever questions you have regarding their relationship. That way, you can capture a very important pose of them together in full length view. You can orchestrate their placement according to what you found about their relationship, and you can seize the moment when they wear their individual wedding attire.

Emotional kiss

Gay people are quite emotional, and you need to capture the very special moment when they kiss for the first time as married couple. That heartfelt, highly emotional few seconds of their lives need to be expertly captured by you as their gay wedding photographer. It is the first intimate kiss they make as married couple. The pure essence of true happiness will surely be displayed in their eyes.

First dance as married couple

The newlyweds may have danced many times before, but their first dance as married partners is going to be an exceptional wedding photograph that they will treasure forever. It is the dance of fulfillment, a dance of success, a dance of celebration in honor of their dedication for each other.

Portrait with the couple and their families

A gay wedding does not happen just like the traditional weddings. Same sex couples needed to walk through thousands of obstacles before they finally reached the happiest day of their lives. Many people are still not open to the idea of gay weddings, and you can be sure that one, two, or even the whole family of the couples was in one time against their relationship. As their gay wedding photographer, it is your honor and privilege to witness the coming together of two families for one special event, giving their earned blessings and support to the couples who defied the odds for the sake of their deep love for each other. Paul Grace Photography can definitely capture the true essence of a family in one portrait photograph.

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Grand Rapids wedding photographerShould a wedding photographer get an insurance? How important is it to protect your equipment and other things from something that might never happen? I’m sure that’s what a Grand Rapids wedding photographer who just started out think.

But here’s the catch, bad things happen not after they inform you. They happen suddenly, unexpectedly, even after you do your best to prevent anything from happening. The fact is that there are things we cannot control, people we cannot predict and situations that just appear without expected.


It’s not a new thing to hear that another professional wedding photographer loses his camera while working on a job. It’s such a bad day for the photographer and also the clients because there might be pictures in it already. If the thief is nice enough to leave the memory card somewhere, there won’t be much of a problem.

Well, except for the fact that the photographer needs to replace his camera. Again. And that’s not a cheap thing. But having an insurance makes it possible for you get a replacement for free. It’s free of hassle and all you have to do is to file your report of losing it and the company will proceed to give you a full payout.


Other wedding photographers have it worse with the weather against their favor. Sometimes, bad enough to cause damage to the building and everything they have in the studio! It’s not something that you can control nor can you move your studio once you know a storm is coming. But way before that, you expected the area to be prone to a disaster.

A professional Grand Rapids wedding photographer from told us that it’s not a loss to get a property insurance for a wedding photographer. You need a place to work on your pictures and you obviously cannot work in the open air. Maybe your computers are broken even! You need a literally new place to continue working on them.

And that’s where the insurance company because they don’t just cover the damage. They will also cover the fee to rent that new place!

Reassure your clients

Some clients are worrywarts as they don’t know if their photographers are the right choice. Don’t feel offended because they need to be careful! It’s a lifetime choice, after all, they don’t get to take wedding pictures anymore after this. It won’t be the same anymore. So, they will seek for signs to see if you are a professional wedding photographer as you claim to be.

Having an insurance shows that you are serious about your job. You will do your best and make sure that you are not just talking about it.

A Grand Rapids wedding photographer will do well to follow our advice. Insurance is not a prevention, but protector when things happen. Because you don’t prevent bad things from happening, even when you have done your best. You can only anticipate for those things to happen to yourself and don’t let those things to deal you a huge damage financially.

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wedding photographer LeicesterTo purposely hire and pay thousands of dollars to someone whose job is to take pictures sounds overkill. Why does anyone have to pay thousands of dollars to a photographer?

However, one will never understand the importance of a wedding photographer Leicester unless he reads about it or experienced it himself. The latter would mean that you would have to hold your wedding already to understand, so we chose to help you understand with this article.

Wedding pictures

One of the most important and precious mementos of a wedding is the pictures. Everything will whisk away as the day goes by, but pictures remain steady even for years to come. It is also only through videos and pictures can you relive the day back. So, you’ll need a photographer for this to come true.

It’s also important to note that a professional wedding photographer is capable of capturing lots of wedding pictures without missing the details. That sure require some skills and preparation from the wedding photographer.

Professional work

A wedding photographer can guarantee professional work done on your pictures. You won’t just receive a bunch of pictures that were taken from the camera directly. Your wedding photographer will personally edit and make sure that they look perfect like how your wedding day looked like. Not everyone has the skill, the software nor the time to do this.

It also affects the quality of the pictures taken. Quality is a very subjective topic in photography; we all have different opinions in the best perspective on the same subject. Yet, you can see when one was taken by a professional wedding photographer Leicester like, or by a cheap, unknown photographer.

Regret comes later

The regret of not having enough pictures always come later. We never know how precious a moment is until we don’t have it anymore. All those efforts and preparations we pour into our wedding will be gone in a flash. While we can still create memories of that day, don’t hesitate to do it. You can always delete the pictures later, but you cannot ask for more once it’s gone.

A wedding photographer is also often out of the slot when the wedding date closes in. Everyone else has already booked the photographer for their event, so you also need to hurry. If you wait for too long, you might regret having to realize the need too late. Choosing the right wedding photographer is a very serious process if you don’t want to cry tears of regret in front of your wedding pictures later.

Ever increasing value

The value of wedding pictures in your eyes will always increase. As time goes by, we will only realize then how precious those days were. When we want to show them to our family members or future generation, we’ll always be reminded that these pictures are worth the money. In fact, you might not even remember how much you spent, but you know if you’re given the option you will certainly get a wedding photographer Leicester again.

Never forget the fact that your wedding pictures Leicester are irreplaceable and that you only have one chance to capture some memorable pictures.

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Greenwich wedding photographerThere are basically 3 types of photography style we can recognize. Each of them has their own pros and cons, so it totally depends on your preferences. None is supposedly better than the others, it’s up to whether the Greenwich wedding photographer is professional and creative about it or not.


This style focuses on the storyline of the wedding day. Your photographer will act behind the scene taking those pictures and will refrain from being in contact with anyone there. It’s important to let the day just fly by like that without any setup by the photographer before.

The structure of the album is going to be chronological, telling the story of the day from morning till the end of the day. It drives people interested to flip through the book from beginning to the end like following a storyline from a book.

The hardest part about this is being conspicuous throughout the day. The photographer has to remain around the couple, but they cannot be too obvious. You will feel more comfortable when you don’t notice how there’s someone tailing behind you, taking pictures of your every movement.


This style of photography is much like reportage but focuses more on the mood of the party. As the name says, photographers of this genre take pictures in their most natural state. The photographer captures things in fly-on-the-wall mode and refrains from controlling or meddling into the flow of the day.

Most of the pictures won’t have the couple looking into the camera, although there will still be a couple of noteworthy posed pictures in your collection. Check out one of the best natural Greenwich wedding photographer at You can also look at some natural wedding pictures there to get a hang of it.

The most prominent differences with reportage would be how the photographer is more focused on the natural expressions of the people. Reportage style takes pictures as they happen, such as when the bride is preparing herself, the couple listening to the vow by the officiant, and so on.

Natural style captures the moment when the bride laughs with her fellow bridesmaids while trying to get her dress right and smiling at her new husband as she mentions her vow. It also focuses on capturing things when people feel most loose and relaxed. Like that laughter from the bride after the wedding kiss.

Fine art

The fine art style is very much the visual beauty-oriented. The photographer captures the most beautiful things in that day and he may or may not meddle into the wedding every now and then. Most photographers still try to remain as secretive as possible, but when they see that there’s a chance to direct you to get that amazing shot, they will take it.

Fine art is a style that also relies on editing tools. While the photographer wants to take the picture in the best way possible, it’s always better with the right altering and enhancement.

If you’re the kind of person that wants to see perfection in your every wedding pictures, this is probably the style that you want from your Greenwich wedding photographer.

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wedding photography HertfordshireWe often read in a lot of sites that we need to be able to direct the events of our wedding photography Hertfordshire what to do. We’ve paid high, so we also want to be in full control of them as we think that’s what we deserve. But, is ordering them on where, how and what to shoot the right way to do it?

Let’s read on about the best way to tell your photographer what you want and hopefully, build a great relationship that will eventually contribute to gorgeous wedding pictures of yours.

Understand them

The first step is to understand them as professional photographers. Paying a lot does not mean you own the photographer as that’s not the case as a human being. It just means you own the service that they will do for you.

Now, experienced photographers have been to enough weddings to tell what’s going to happen and the basic things they have to take pictures of. It also means that they don’t need to be constantly reminded or be ostracized for being disobedient. They’re professionals who’ve worked in the field for years.

On the other hand, you can pretty much guess that there are things they will never know about you if you never tell them. These things are specific and unique to every client, such as a special performance, long-distance friend, or how the flowers, decorations or souvenirs have meanings.

Don’t use a shotlist

At this point, shotlist the last thing they want to see. It’s been too many gullible clients who print and give out to professionals. For more on wedding photography Hertfordshire shot list visit

They’ve been on too many weddings to forget shooting the parents of the couples. To put it simply (and frank), shotlists are ridiculous and should be eliminated from Earth. They feature the ridiculous things to shoot and are simply disorientated. No one wants their wedding photographer to waste time during their job, but that’s exactly what shotlist does.

Introduce to your family members

Introduce your photographer to the family and friends. The best time to do this would be before the wedding start or at the rehearsal. Why is introducing the photographer to your family is important? It’s basic, actually. Part of it would be manner, but if you know the benefit of doing this, you’ll definitely don’t want to skip this when your wedding party is getting close.

Photographers take pictures behind the scene. They will try to stay close, yet away from the party to see it happens through a lens. That said, they can’t exactly erase their existence and wander around the hall. People will notice your wedding photographer Hertfordshire. Those who are sensitive to camera lens will shun away, especially when it’s a stranger behind it.

But letting them know the person behind the lens personally will ease this. On the other hand, introducing them will also help your photographer identify your parents and close friends faster and easier. This will sort of a sign to tell him to ‘take a lot of their pictures, please’.

See how you can tell your professional photographer to take the good wedding photography Hertfordshire pictures that you really love without being ridiculous?

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photoboothPhotobooth was brought to the trend by celebrities. Afterward, it became easily found in any kind of special occasions: birthday, wedding parties, award ceremonies, everywhere.

While all other cool parties are made success and memorable with a photobooth, maybe it’s time to make your decision! Here are the reasons that you should hire a photobooth for your special occasion!

Live stream of the pictures

You can use the pictures taken inside the photobooth to be shown on a slideshow a few minutes before the party starts. As long as nobody does a crazy thing (which almost always the case) inside the booth. It’ll be fun!

Easily manage when you want it available

Since most photobooths are rented depending on how long, how many, or the features that are included, you want to use it only when it’s really useful. If you hire a photobooth, you can easily ask the person when to open or close the photobooth.

Let your guests bring home a memory

Photobooths are also places to create a memory, especially with friends and people you attended with. It becomes a memory and easily remembered if you put your logo or brand or your party’s theme on the photo paper.

You can also customize the interior of the booth to a matching theme like your party. You can also add features to the photos, such as stickers or stamps. Or maybe, you can let guests draw on the pictures, too!

You also get to use the props which are included when you hire a photobooth. Maybe put on a giant pair of glasses and snap. Or wear Merlin’s hat and snap. Or send them a thank you note with their craziest picture in it!

No more crappy photos

Today’s photobooth is geared with some of the best photo paper and camera quality. You’ll get a much better quality than the ones that you’d imagine back in your childhood times. You’ll know it when they are good enough to be put on the big screen and printed on a large paper.

Use it with your guestbook

The best way to decorate the guestbook is to include the fun in the party. If you’re holding a wedding party, photobooth is a great idea to add some more to the guestbook.

What’s trending these days is to have the guests stick a picture of them and add some nice messages for you. After your wedding party and maybe after your honeymoon, you’ll find reading these messages fun and maybe something else to keep as your wedding memento!

Affordable and fun!

Most photobooths cost anywhere from $100 to $200 per hour. This already includes all the features, props, and printed photo paper during those hours. Usually, people use them for 3 to 5 hours, with breaks in between. This is to ensure that the photobooth is only operating during the time when most people are available to take some pictures.

And with that, everyone can have fun and make some crazy memories of your party! You know that this kind of events doesn’t happen every day, especially a wedding. A lot of preparations were put up and you want to be able to get more pictures of at least the people who came and wished you happiness. Why not make the most out of it?

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wedding photographer AndoverIf you are to circle around the world, you can be sure that wedding procession has the same meaning wherever it is done. Yet, each land and people have different ways of showing appreciation and celebrating one. Even with people that come from the same place, there’s always a difference and noticeable characteristic from one to the other.

Amazingly different

How is it that each of us manage to come up with our own ideas and imagination of a wedding? The beauty that each of our eyes beholds makes no one party the same from the other. As such, a photographer that has been given the honor to capture the images is also demanded to be able to appreciate and see each wedding as different.

Through the eye of the photographer

The magic of beauty does not end there. The right wedding photographer Andover will always be able to capture your wedding in all its beauty and originality. With little artificial interventions, one should always be able to do this especially when technology has advanced so far.

Danish Apple Photography is one wedding photographer Andover that truly holds on to true beauty. Artificial lighting is just a way to enhances the authenticity and beauty of a picture. The pair refrains from fixing everything through editing and encourage true conditions and moments to capture real images.

Don’t waver just because you see photographers complain about how low-light conditions or bad gears discourage them from doing their best. If that is what your photographer is saying, you should not be even considering him.

To capture them in eternity

Beauty never lasts for so long. Time has become the cruel prove of that. But we are lucky that during this 21st century, humans have come up with so many means of essentially documenting these moments. Videos and pictures are amazing ways to record your important day. None is better than the other; videos will never stand above pictures and printed images and vice versa.

We all understand how videos are great; they record every movement together with the sound and ambiance of it. Why are videos not better than pictures?

Pictures capture the very moment, that spontaneous reaction and momentary expressions of subjects that easily go unnoticed in videos. It requires so much more skills to capture that one amazing moment. One needs the experience, and constantly a camera ready in hand to snap those moments instantly. Expecting the unexpected is part of a photographer’s job.

Reportage x Creativity

Every married couple sees this as important. Such a big milestone will not pass on without properly recorded and captured. Reportage is a style of photography that focuses on timeline and storytelling. As your wedding unfolds, your photographer will be there along the way to capture everything that adds up to the story.

Reportage is something that every other photographer offer. The photographer should be able to offer something different from their documentary style, something that incorporates their own style and creativity. It is important that you don’t see your wedding pictures looking the same with other married couples’; that’s not creativity but laziness.

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photographer HampshireWedding days are special. No matter how wedding we have seen and attended to, Moore and Moore Photography will always have that special day appreciation as if it is a first. And by having and showing this same feeling, a photographer Hampshire will always show the same passion and care to capture every and each precious moments of your wedding and the events that build up to it.


As a professional photographer Hampshire, to care about their clients is a must. Rather than counting each and every cents spent, we want to know more about you and your significant one; how did you met, how were you proposed, how you want your wedding to look like down to what the personalities that you both have. We care about all those little things as if we are your close friends who wish only the best.


More than often you will see photographers who act sloppily and sometimes even embarrass you and make you wonder why you have ever invited such a person. We care about your party and thus, we show professionalism by coming in outfits that blends in with the guests and take your pictures in the best perspectives without sacrificing the quiet and precious moments such as the vow and kiss exchange.

Every single little thing

Your wedding is not complete without capturing all the precious moments that lead up to it forever in photos, from the dressing of both the bride and groom down to the last second of the party.

As a experienced photographer Hampshire, we know what every couple love and want for their album that will last long and to be looked back on when they’ve grown old together. From the moment the bride enter the dressing room, should she allowed, we would like to immortalize the grace of her changing into the most beautiful woman of the day and proceed to the revelation of this woman to her forever partner down to every first things they will do; dance, kiss, everything we know you want recorded beautifully and perfectly.

Meet us in person!

To be able to build trust of course, typed words, calls or even video calls can never go over personal direct chatting with our professional photographer Hampshire. We would love to be able to go over about you and where the wedding will be held. We want to know that we are offering the best options for you and your loved one and we want to make sure that everything will go smoothly and nothing will be missed from your album. We also want you to be sure of our quality by taking a little walk to our studio if possible. If you are able to sit and get to know about us a little more, this will definitely impact your wedding positively as we will have a better flow of photos and no awkwardness from blocking that beautiful smile you’ll be putting on the whole day.

Take a stroll on our blog and portfolios and you will get a glimpse of why people always walk out in delight because they know they have found the right men to do it.