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Ideas a Wedding Photographer Lincoln Can Implement in Pre-Wedding Shoots

Wedding Photographer AdelaideAsk couples whether or not planning a wedding is an easy job and we promise you that a good majority of the answers you will get will border on the negative. Apart from the fact that it is a tiring task, it is also time consuming. But, not all sides to planning a wedding are frowned at. For example, the hire of a wedding photographer Lincoln for the pre-wedding photo shoots.

Regardless of the intended use of the pre-wedding pictures; to be shared across social media, to be a part of your wedding invite, to create souvenirs for your wedding guests or for your private viewing pleasure, pre-wedding photo shoots and weddings now often more than not go hand in hand. But, if you look at it, more and more couples are getting invested in the whole pre-wedding photos and every picture you come across seems like an attempt to surpass others. Therefore, comes the question of how to make your own shoot totally unique for the couple?

Well as a photographer, one idea we can give you is for you to dial down a little on the cliché romantic poses and focus on making it all the more personal for the couples involved. So, below, we listed out some examples you can try in your next shoot:

  • Focus: Food

We have all seen pre-wedding pictures with background of scenic locations. Trust us, this is becoming predictable. Expect wedding guests to say “oh! Another shot at that popular bridge. Just a different couple this time around”. Sure, the purpose of your pre-wedding shoot is not to satisfy the tastes of your guests but just think about it for a moment. Your wedding day is special right? So, why not make everything about that day special as well.

Therefore, it does not hurt to change the focus from a scenic location to perhaps food. Who doesn’t love food? The good thing about this is that you do not have to fake excitement.

  • Why Not Pets?

Do you have a loyal companion? Why not have them feature in your pre-wedding photographs as well. After all, you are about to become a family. Take the pre-wedding pictures as an avenue to start compiling those family portraits you love so much. Another thing a wedding photographer Lincoln says about having pets in your pictures is that it will increase the cute quotient of your photographs. It is definitely something different to think about.

  • Friends? Yes, please!

Okay so we know the wedding day is meant to be about you and your chosen one but remember that the essence of hosting a wedding is to have family and friends celebrate with you on this special occasion. So, does it hurt to have them featured in your wedding photographs as well? The answer is no! Friends are definitely fun to have around especially if you find that you all goof around a lot together.

  • Shoot: Action

Why not make it a moment to remember and go the film route? The wedding photographer Lincoln Symply Photography can certainly include the whimsical nature of film into your photographs if you so desire.