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Indian Wedding Photography 101

Indian wedding are some of the best weddings to cover for a wedding photography.

indian weddingCharacterize by a lot of unique and interesting ceremonies and rituals, a wedding photographer has his work cut out for him. Indian wedding photography is all about capturing the beautiful celebration of love in an Indian wedding. There are a lot of things to capture when one covers an Indian wedding. One of the first things to consider in an Indian wedding photography is the price. There is a huge difference between the rituals in an average church wedding and an Indian wedding. It is also very important to note that there different types of Indian Weddings. Some Indian weddings can last up to three days while others only a span of hours. With this in mind, a client should understand that wedding photographers who cater Indian wedding photography have an entirely different package for this event. Talk to your local Indian wedding photographer about his rates. Also, don’t forget to mention in great detail about what rituals you want him to cover during your Indian wedding and the schedule of the rituals.

Indian wedding photography often involves a myriad of colors.

Unlike traditional weddings where you have the standard white and a single color motif, an Indian wedding is a colorful affair with guest coming in striking color combination. The bride and groom will not adhere to the expected white and black color scheme. Instead, you will see the bride in bright, prominent colors such as red, pink or green. Indian wedding photography involves being able to capture these colors and edit pictures which emphasize these. Wedding photographers covering this event shouldn’t try to dull or fade these colors but enhance and bring them out instead.

Desaturation of pictures is not the way to go when doing Indian wedding photography.

The next thing after considering the colors is to consider what to shoot at the actual wedding. One event that makes Indian wedding photography to exotic and creative is the Baraat. It is the most awaited and anticipated event in an Indian wedding. For all of you who don’t know, the Baraat is the event where the groom heads to the venue of the wedding in a procession. Usually the groom rides in a white horse but a lot of modern Indian weddings opt for a something a little more new so the horse is changed into a luxurious car instead. However, some grooms wish to make their weddings a little more different and have employed different means of transportation.

Indian wedding photography should also focus on portraits of the bride and groom in their exquisite wedding outfits.

Pictures of the bride and groom in an intimate embrace or simply looking at each other are what a lot of wedding photographers should look for. Candid or natural shots are most recommended as these are the ones that showcase the rawness of human emotions. Solo pictures of the bride in her beautiful get up are the show stoppers of Indian Wedding photography. Never skip those. If you read up on this, you are surely ready to do Indian wedding photography. Review the works in Indian wedding photography by Sukhi Chandi if you need examples to help get you more familiar with the niche.