Newborn Photography: Safety Tips for Parents

newborn photography London What are the things that may appear harmless during newborn photography London sessions? A lot of parents tend to trust their newborn photographer because they are the experts. They know better and as clients who barely know much about newborn photography, there might not be much choice.

However, from this article, we want parents to know that there are several things they should know. Don’t let your baby to be put in danger without your knowledge!

Condition of studio

There are several things that you should pay attention to the condition of the set. When you enter the room, notice the room temperature. Your baby will be placed in this room for at least a few hours. It has to be warm enough as for some pictures, your baby will have to strip naked. Even if the baby is older, you still need to pay attention.

Next, is the hygiene status of the room. Clean is something that is out of the question, but often compromised as the photographer doesn’t seem to see it worth the time invested. It can be a very dull thing to do every time they have a session but make it clear: you want your baby shot in a safe, clean, friendly environment.

Safety of poses

There are a lot of poses that parents are just so eager to try and we can understand that. But know that some that looked safe aren’t actually as safe as you thought. Make note of this and when you meet your newborn photographer who does newborn photography London like the one in, you can ask how they managed several poses and decided for yourself if they’re worth it.

Newborn babies should be laying on their back most of the time. This is because they are still very fragile and laying on their front will put pressure on their chest and stomach. They shouldn’t be out in the open without protection as it can lead to sudden death. They have to remain clothed and wrapped up nice and warm.

Especially for newborns, they shouldn’t be sitting as if their backbone is supporting the whole body. Or having the baby using their small hands as a cushion for their head. You might notice that newborns have big heads and we are warning you for good reason. The bones aren’t ready to support them like this and you’ll risk breaking one or two.

Don’t hang them mid-air!

There are photographers who do this and, truth to be told, parents don’t even know if they’re complying the ethics of newborn photography. Hanging 5-day-old baby mid-air is super risky. Although it’s a different case if they’re just hanging 10 cm above the ground to be edited later.

You never know if they do fall down. Even if with your hand open in the air and imagining you’re ready to catch the baby, do you really want to pose your own flesh and blood to such risk? The right way to do this is to have separate pictures taken and edited to be merged together. They’ll look seamlessly beautiful, so don’t worry about the picture not looking original.

These are several safety tips in newborn photography London that parents should take note of.