camera bagHigh quality cameras

The best way to start off is investing in high quality cameras, of course. There are a lot of things that you would need to prepare for if you are seriously thinking about launching a wedding photography career professionally any time soon. At the head of those worries would have to be the gear that you will be using. You need good quality cameras in order for you to take great quality photos. It just comes with the territory. Although, if you really love photography as much as we think you do enough for you to consider it as a career, you probably have all the raw materials to begin with. Still, we’re just putting it out there. Also, you are going to need more than just one camera. You can consider it your backup gear or just another housing for one of your lenses but make no mistake, it can possibly save you some major embarrassments in the future for when your main equipment flakes out on you.

Photography accessories

You are also going to have to invest in basic wedding photography accessories. You’re probably thinking that there’s a lot of investing involved here, as how it should be . You are starting up a career, so it is pretty much like starting up a business. There’s a lot of investing to do but the silver lining there is that there is always a beautiful thing called a return of investment. It will start rolling in once you are able to establish yourself. Get an external flash gun for a less harsh light balance. Get a reflector to avoid overexposure. Get a tripod for a more stable footing during long shoots.


Always remember to film in RAW and not in JPEG. RAW format is much crisper and makes sure that all of the original information from when you captured the image is stored and delivered to you still complete. JPEG tends to automate the editing process and you tend to lose the details in the end. RAW is also so much easier to fix in instances where photos are blurred and need some touching up to “fix” them.

Batteries and memory cards

Arm yourself with an army of extra batteries and memory cards. You’ve got to make sure that you have enough juice to last you for the journey. Wedding events can be long and tedious and any professional wedding photographer essex in the wedding photography niche will advise you to make sure that you get to have more than enough batteries and memory cards to last you all throughout the event.


You need an assortment of lenses for your trick shots. You don’t need a whole lot when you start off but a good starting collection would be to have a wide angle lens for your group or huddle photos and a macro lens for your more personal and romantic close-up shots. You can never go wrong with these two.

Camera bag

You need a high quality and well functioning camera bag to carry all your gear. Go for a camera bag that cushions all your gear despite possibly rough manhandling at times. And more so, try to go something that you can carry all in one go.


wedding photography1. Invest in more just one camera.

It will serve as your backup for when something happens to your main camera and at the same time, the second camera can also house a second lens. The thing with weddings is that events go by fast and they won’t necessarily stop the bridal march just because the photographer has to change his lens, does he? It would be much smarter and much more convenient to switch in between cameras instead and it will cost you less trouble than having to screw the lens on and off ever so often.

2. Don’t go in all alone.

Weddings are huge events and with good reason. They are usually the most important and meaningful events in couples’ lives and a photographer to cover that huge event alone would be going in with a lot of risks without any means to mitigate them. You are not a one-man army neither should you be at all. Bring an assistant along. If you can’t afford one, try to secure an apprenticeship for a photography student who is trying to get his feet wet and trying to learn some real world experience in professional photography. If you can’t get your hands on an assistant with a photography background, at least get someone who can line up your accessories and itinerary for you. It will leave you with fewer things to worry about that you can focus more on taking great pictures during the wedding day.

3. Do not be afraid to speak up.

Some photographers think that they can just breeze in and out without saying a thing; just spectators documenting events, but that is not the case. A good wedding photographer cambridge is friendly and knows how to strike up friendly and light conversations with the guests and with the subjects he’s filming. People become less uncomfortable when they see that you’re friendly and when you talk to them. You can crack jokes to get them to smile but do your best to still stay appropriate. Know how to give instructions and when to give them. Know how to manage a crowd and let them know what should be done to make the pictures look good but still remain polite in the way you say things. You don’t want to come off sounding rude.

4. Be friendly with the rest of the other wedding industry professionals serving in the wedding.

If there is one thing that a savvy photographer slash businessman should know, it would have to be the fact that connections are everything. Weddings are the perfect events for you to make friends with wedding planners, florists, caterers, even waiters. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is for you to book a new client when you run within these small circles. Keep your ears and eyes open and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. Have your calling cards handy and make sure they look professional. Refrain from handing out dog-eared calling cards that look worn and old and battered inside your wallet. Keep them clean and crisp and professional looking at all times.


wedding potographyOne common notion that comes in when it comes to wedding photography in the past is that it looks stuffy, boring, a little bit too staged, and really kind of cheesy. This was way back in the 90s when wedding photography was usually confined to the boxed room of a studio, with harsh lights, and rolls and rolls of fabric backdrops. As a matter of fact, that kind of concept is being scoffed at and laughed at by trendier up and coming photographers right now.

The trend is now all about natural wedding photography, making the photos look natural and candid and kind of casual but still very nice when put on print or even when viewed digitally. Here are a few tips to help keep it real when going for a natural wedding photography style when filming wedding events.

Have them stay close

Encourage the participants to stay close to each other and as a matter of fact, to even be touchy during pictures. There is a somewhat authentic touch to the photos when there is a physical connection in between the subjects being filmed. It doesn’t even have to be romantic or anything like that either. You can just instruct the group to lean in closer to each other and it will somewhat make the magic work for the picture. It is also quite easier to draw out more authentic smiles and a more relaxed and comfortable mood when the group is physically connected to each other.

Film your subjects while walking

This is particularly effective for the future bride and groom either during their engagement shoot or the actual wedding event itself. One of the best tricks to make this work and make this look natural is to ask the couple to talk about anything, say, the plans that they would like to do tomorrow. Conversation always keeps a picture going with candidness and the kind of fluidity that only real conversation can bring in to the photos.

Film your subjects looking down

Having the subjects looking down and a little over their shoulder provokes an aura of mystery and glamour. It’s very interesting and it is also quite a simple way to deliver such a great shot. It should be in every wedding photographer’s bag of tricks, among a ton of others available out there, but this is a pretty good start.

Compliment the subject while filming

Nothing makes a person feel better than a well placed and well timed compliment. This tip is usually effective on the ladies. It would be a little weird to use on the men, mind you. Simple compliments like “You look really beautiful” can really turn a bored face around into a lit up and genuinely gorgeous smile. Don’t be afraid to pepper those compliments every now and then because they make the subjects look great when they come out in the pictures.

Try to keep the photo shoots fun and casual and try to bring in the personalities of the people you are filming. The spontaneous funny and wacky faces, private jokes, and even weird dance moves translate into really natural looking pictures that make the spectator wonder what deeper story is in it.


What are the best wordpress plugins for photographers?photography

The most popular open source CMS currently on the market is WordPress. Statistically there are 58,315,123 people in the world and most of them are either looking at striking WordPress site’s or creating their own. Now, take that statistic and couple with the fact that there are 392 million people daily checking out blogs and pages via WordPress every month. The fact is if you own a photography business then you can’t afford to look the other way when it comes to creating your site. From plugins that allow you to link up to social media sites and enhanced spam protection-WordPress offers business owners and individuals a plethora of choices.

The team of developers on WordPress are constantly creating new plugin’s to take your site in the direction that it needs to be. In fact, if you have not found the right plugin to turn your photography site upside down, then you just have not looked hard enough. CMS plugins make your site powerful, incredibly fast and dynamic. In that spirit, we have compiled a list of must have’s for your WordPress site.

Design Approval System

This plugin allows you to interact with clients. After a day of shooting you can upload the content to your site. Then you can send a link directly to the client so that they can approve the draft. Not only that but the client can approve the design via the plugin’s link which is sent directly to your site. They can also see your project notes replete with multiple versions of photo’s in a single posting.


Created specifically for photographers this plugin allows you to create a full set of pictures and galleries with unlimited photo potential. Plus, you can control the size of the full photo and the thumbnails. Shortcodes in the plugin allow you to embed into galleries and posts on the blog. Currently the plugin is extended to allow you to select the photo’s you like best and in order proof it. Or you can use this plugin to create a private proofing gallery.


Different from the other plugins this application allows you to add text to your photo’s, link it to social sites and add audio. This app is rated 5 stars by most users. Images are Images can be tagged and embedded allowing you to explain a story in depth with a single picture. Sites like YouTube, Spotify, Amazon and Facebook are only a few of the links that most users like to use. Our Berkshire wedding photographer loves this plugin.


This plugin just creates a shortcode and it uses this in the pages and posts you place on the site. It puts all of your images online easily. The popup-loader and image browser are there the minute you need them and you can upload a picture quite easily. This plugin is malleable and allows you to exclude images that are possible associated with a term.


It gets rid of spam plain and simple. The plugin was designed by WordPress and is provided by Automattic. It’s free for personal users. But if you are commercial, then there are special plugins available.

All In One SEO Pack

This improves your sites overall ranking. It provides you with analytics support, automatic META tags, canonical URL’s and support for your posts. It’s absolutely imperative to have this pack if you want to expand your site.

Nextgen Gallery

Another great plugin to use on your photo site. This program works with all themes. It is one of the most popular plugins on the WordPress gallery site. Currently it is at 6 million downloads. Maintained by Photocrati Media, the plugin allows user to get photos uploaded in batches using the WordPress upload feature. Manage your gallery, and edit them easily, this plugin also has the handy feature of allowing you to watermark your pictures.

Google Analytics for WordPress

Track the progress of your site’s activity to maintain optimum content and interaction.The latest version uses the asynchronous tracking method. It basically loads your pages a lot faster, and collects more data. The old version was slow to provide data if Javascript was not loading. But, the new version fixed that bug and eliminated those errors the minute that they happen.

Gravity Forms
Not free, but still extremely useful to gain contracts from potential clients. You can create questionnaires to gauge the satisfaction ration of your clients and to garner queries from potential clients. It is definitely imperative to the overall function of your site. Another great feature,it can transfer information from the form directly to a CRM data site making integration easier.

Booking Calendar

Looking for a way to synthesize all of your current clients? Using this app will make it all a lot easier. Simply download the free plugin and create your booking system. It’s basically only for online reservations and allows users to migrate to their calendars easily.

Some of these app’s require a small fee, but most are free. The majority of these make not only your site optimized for enhanced results, but your life just got a little easier. From booking clients with forms to creating digitally enhanced galleries-WordPress has the upgrades your site cannot do without.


wedding photography tipsStarting out in the business of photography is usually a really challenging thing to do especially if you are making that slow transition from amateur to professional. A lot of people have acquired a certain interest in photography. Perhaps it may be due to the fact that high end cameras have become slightly more affordable over the years. Also, the cameras have become more and more user friendly and with a little figuring out, the settings and modes can be easily understood even by novice photographers. It can be a completely double sided blade. It’s nice that anyone who has the passion doesn’t have to break the bank to have enough means to actually act on said passion. The downside of it all though is that since anyone who owns a camera can fancy himself as a photographer, it means that the wedding photography niche is getting crowded. And we say wedding photography in particular because it is the most lucrative market yet.

Get experience first

Number one best tip for any beginner photographer to check out would be to get experience first before actually covering his or her own wedding event. Coming in cold is a no-no. Weddings are extremely important events and not something that any photographer should just use as target practice. Try to look for a professional Hampshire wedding photographer whose work inspires you and offer to assist in several wedding events. It is a good way to get feet wet and familiarize through the motions and sequences of what goes down during a wedding, what moments are great for filming, and just the fundamentals of how a professional wedding photographer should act like for the entirety of the event.

Invest in more than just one camera

Word to the wise, one camera just won’t do if it’s the kind of gear being prepped for in wedding photography. Ideally, a novice wedding photographer should invest in two cameras and two lenses to start off. A telephoto lens is really great for taking portraits which can be really awesome for those close up profile shots.

Network with other professionals

Also, when it comes to growing a wedding photography business, marketing and business strategy is everything. The best way for a new photographer to be able to drum up some business would be to network aggressively. Catalogue the new connections being made as much as possible. It can be florists, caterers, wedding planners, bridal gown tailors, and even other photographers. Those people are usually almost always the first ones to know if there are any upcoming weddings or any of that sort. It is also crucial that the clients are kept satisfied as much as possible because that would mean glowing reviews and recommendations and although this may sound old school, the word of mouth continues to be the most important and effective way to promote business and get new clients.

Always backing up the gear is also quite wise

There should always be a healthy assortment of extra memory cards, batteries, accessories and even a spare camera when covering wedding events.


baby photographyIf there is a cute and adorable side to photography, it would have to be the aspect of photographing babies. There is something noble about being tasked to document and capture that innocence and sort of immortalize them in your photos. It is something that the parents, grandparents, other family members and friends will be looking at and appreciating at the onset of time. Baby photos are family treasures and they are also a sort of rite of passage particularly for parents who are quite keen on making and keeping mementos like that all throughout their family’s history.

Although this is not the most lucrative leg of the professional photography business, if you are doing photography as a living, at some point in time, you will be requested to hold a baby photo shoot of sorts. Babies are innocent and adorable but you should be well advised that they are not the easiest of subjects to work with. Babies are temperamental and unpredictable. You have to work with their moods and more importantly, you have to set the mood for them. They also do not have the capacity to communicate is providing instructions and expecting them to be able to listen, understand and follow is completely out of the question and not a part of your options at all.

Here are a few things to take note of to help you overcome the challenge of newborn photography calgary for those instances where a project or so lands on your lap:

Use a clean white backdrop with a backlight as an accessory.

You do not need a fancy setup to make the photos meaningful. The baby alone is more than enough material for you to build your photo shoot around so stick to a white backdrop and use a backlight to make the colors pop some more and make the baby’s features more emphasized and pronounced. This will enable you to really sharpen your focus on your subject and shoot those amazing photos for the parents.

Take the photo from their perspective.

More often than not, you will be taking the photos from the floor or somewhere fairly low just for the mere fact that babies are fragile and they are usually photographed while asleep. Do not hesitate to take the photo from pretty much the same angle. Overhead photos, except for the rare and artsy ones, are never good ones especially when they are all taken from one angle.

Take more photos than usual.

Seriously, you’re not using film rolls. You are using digital memory. You can shoot as many photos as you can and not lose a buck out of it. So overshoot and try to take advantage of your camera’s burst mode. Babies yawn and laugh and make the most interesting facial expressions unexpectedly so it would be wise for you to make sure that you get to capture those candid moments because they are those that make the most memorable ones.

Lastly, have fun but try to oomph up your patience because that is sort of a pre-requisite with kids. Don’t give up right away but find the right pacing and timing. There is a time for everything, after all.


wedding photographyIf you wish to be a great wedding photographer, you have to start somewhere. There are many tips here that you are going to be able to use to your advantage. By starting off with a solid foundation, you are giving yourself a much better chance of making this a full-time job.

Get camera equipment

You have to get camera equipment before you even learn how to take good photos. The way to figure out what you’re going to need is to look into what the top camera options are at local electronic stores or online. Don’t just buy something, however, without doing research into what it is even if it’s a top seller at this time. The idea is to find something in your price range that you can use for work time and again so it’s going to have to be one that’s not too cheap.

Learn photography

Learn what you can about how to take quality photographs. Try going to wedding photographer Peterborough websites or social media profiles that were put up by people in your area that offer this kind of photography service. The goal is to see what is working for people that are in the area and also to see what kind of style is already being worked with by another person. You don’t want to waste your time trying to do something that someone else is already well known for. While it’s okay to have a similar style as others, if you can make yours a little more unique you stand a much better chance of getting more customers.

Build your online presence

The main thing you need to have in place to get customers is an online presence. You should get a website put up, and that website needs some reference work that you have done in the past. If you want to get some experience but people don’t trust you quite yet, you may want to offer your services for cheap or free for your first job or two. Once you can show the world what your techniques look like you can get more people to pay attention to what you’re doing.

Lay some rules down

Clients can be a little difficult to work with, so it’s good to lay some rules down for everyone to follow when they work with you. For instance, you may want to say that you’ll only work on a session that was discussed beforehand. You need to make sure that you’re not doing too much for people because they keep changing what it is that they want. You can help them to come up with a plan for their wedding day or to photograph the couple before or after they get married but you shouldn’t just let people get a bunch of work was done without paying for it.

Once you get started as a wedding photographer by using this advice, you will see that it’s a rewarding career path It really is just a matter of giving it your all and practicing on a regular basis. Start working on this now and within no time you will have a new career.


wedding photography tipsYou have to admit, weddings are really great events to be a part of. Whether you are just a spectator or a participating guest, there is something special about witnessing the solemn union between two people. They have a whole life ahead of them. Just the fact that they have decided to embark on that journey speaks volumes about how brave they are being because of the fact that it is not the easiest thing to basically decide on. Being hired or tasked as the official wedding photographer Essex, especially if you are doing it for the first time, is enough to make anyone nervous.

You’re probably on this page and reading this article because of the fact that one, you are anxious to get interesting and helpful wedding photography tips, two, you are about to cover your very first wedding event and you have absolutely no idea where to start and how to go about it. Sure, you have dabbled into photography for quite a bit and have had your fair share of experiences; but you have never had a wedding before. This article is written just for you and here are a few tips you can bring along with you as you go along.

  1. Be a key element of the wedding but do not be an intrusive figure

Always make sure that you get to keep an eye out for people who are not that excited to be photographed. That’s really just the way things are. Some people just don’t like having their pictures taken. You have to be extremely sensitive and make sure that you are firm to take the necessary photos but not too firm wherein you come off looking rather rude and intrusive.

  1. Try to keep an ear out for laughter

More than anything, weddings are joyous occasions. Weddings are moments of celebration. Always be on the lookout for laughter, it might have been a funny snippet of conversation, or a heartwarming trip down memory lane. Whatever it may be, you should not waste time to encapsulate those moments in your wedding photographs. When people laugh, it is usually the time when they are the happiest and the most relaxed. Start with that and you pretty much have a good thing going there and you will surely be able to build up your momentum as you progress in learning about wedding photography.

  1. Take advantage of the wind

Weddings are also extremely dramatic events. You should be able to take your cue from that and have some kind of drama and flair apparent in your wedding photography style. Take advantage of how the wind ruffles the bride’s veil gently. Try to capture that quintessential moment when the petals the flower girls throw on the ground get blown away as if in synch with the church music played on while awaiting the bride’s arrival at the altar. The wind is absolutely for free and unless there’s a particularly strong storm coming in; it will most certainly almost always work on your favor.


baby photographyLearning how to photograph babies may seem intimidating at first but once you get to wrap your head around it, you’ll eventually figure it out and well, for lack of a better term, you will see that this kind of photography niche is actually quite adorable. It is a very rewarding experience, to say the least. You get to immortalize their innocence and their alluring and fun personality. It’s just downright something that you don’t get to experience and have the honor of doing everyday if you’re not photographing babies for a living. What you need to know ahead of time though is that this isn’t all fun or a walk in the park at all. It can take up a lot of your time and patience but you can be guaranteed that it will all be worth it in the end.

You can basically categorize babies based on their age

It will tell you a lot about how to handle them, what the best approaches or poses are and how you could take it from there. You can start off with the newborns. This phase is probably the easiest to take pictures off. For one, newborns are known to really sleep a lot. As a matter of fact, they sleep almost all the time. So it would be wise for you to do the photo shoot while they are fast asleep.

First month

The first month is also another important milestone that most parents would like to be able to document that moment. At this age, it would be great to photograph babies with their parents. The babies don’t fidget as much because they have their support system with them and on top of that, they also get to have that family memento.

Third month

The third month is another monumental moment for photographing babies. This is usually the stage that takes up the most of a photographer’s patience. They cannot keep still that much and you would need to watch out for moments when they smile, wink or yawn because they go by so fast and missing to capture that opportunity in your images would be a really missed moment.

Fourth month

The fourth month is perfect for shots of the parents cradling the baby without having them as a part of the photo. You also will not be able to do this later on since the baby tends to grow out and become heavier and a hand shot will not be a feasible pose to work on.

Fifth month

The fifth month and onwards would be perfect for sitting shots since they can pretty much lift their heads by this time and sit up. You will be surprised at the wide array of whimsical facial expressions babies can come with and you will see that at the end of the day, it’s something that you can definitely do for a long time and absolutely fall in love with it.

You can start doing this as a favor for friends and family members or even for your own kids, if you have any. It doesn’t have to be perfect at first; you can always improvise and find your sure footing as you progress.



baby photographyPhotographing babies is rewarding. Parents are always on the lookout for that photographer who knows just the right tricks to be able to choreograph baby photoshoots. This takes much more skill than you would initially think, by the way. Being able to come up with that “keeper” photo is special. It is something the parents and close relatives and friends could treasure and moon over for years and years to come.

Although photographing babies may not necessarily be a walk in the park. It’s not necessarily rocket science either. With a few tips under your belt and a whole lot of practice, it should be something you can easily accomplish in the near future. We’ve listed a few quick and easy fixes for you to help you out in learning how to photograph babies.

Make use of natural light

Turn off your flash and make use of what’s readily available to you. You will come to appreciate that natural light is actually quite flattering for people and plays up on their features especially if you’re taking portraits. There are a lot of dimensions being put into focus and you get options in terms of perspectives and angles.

Use a white backdrop with a backlight

You will notice that with this kind of setup, the colors tend to pop up more and the baby’s features are more pronounced and with the right focus and attention to detail, can churn out really gorgeous looking pictures.

Watch out for the candid photos

In case you haven’t noticed, babies are not too good with posing. They’re not familiar with a staged setup and cannot take instructions. This is why you need to watch out for the candid photos because they’re usually the most adorable. Be quick and alert in pre-empting those moments so you can capture them and immortalize them in your photos. Patience is a virtue and this is one particular trait that you should really hold on to for baby photoshoots.

Get close

It pays to come a little closer. Don’t hesitate to get on the floor or scoot to take that great picture. Babies are quite little, after all. More often than not, the setup for photoshoots will be on the floor anyways so you might as well get down there and get those angles taken care of. Plus, there’s a certain personal touch when you get to the same vantage level as with your subject.


This may seem silly but photographing digitally is for free anyway and you don’t have to worry about wasting roll after roll of film so you might as well take as many photos as you can so that you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to editing time. Children move fast and have very short attention spans so you will almost always be guaranteed of varying poses and pictures.