wedding photography tipsYou have to admit, weddings are really great events to be a part of. Whether you are just a spectator or a participating guest, there is something special about witnessing the solemn union between two people. They have a whole life ahead of them. Just the fact that they have decided to embark on that journey speaks volumes about how brave they are being because of the fact that it is not the easiest thing to basically decide on. Being hired or tasked as the official wedding photographer Essex, especially if you are doing it for the first time, is enough to make anyone nervous.

You’re probably on this page and reading this article because of the fact that one, you are anxious to get interesting and helpful wedding photography tips, two, you are about to cover your very first wedding event and you have absolutely no idea where to start and how to go about it. Sure, you have dabbled into photography for quite a bit and have had your fair share of experiences; but you have never had a wedding before. This article is written just for you and here are a few tips you can bring along with you as you go along.

  1. Be a key element of the wedding but do not be an intrusive figure

Always make sure that you get to keep an eye out for people who are not that excited to be photographed. That’s really just the way things are. Some people just don’t like having their pictures taken. You have to be extremely sensitive and make sure that you are firm to take the necessary photos but not too firm wherein you come off looking rather rude and intrusive.

  1. Try to keep an ear out for laughter

More than anything, weddings are joyous occasions. Weddings are moments of celebration. Always be on the lookout for laughter, it might have been a funny snippet of conversation, or a heartwarming trip down memory lane. Whatever it may be, you should not waste time to encapsulate those moments in your wedding photographs. When people laugh, it is usually the time when they are the happiest and the most relaxed. Start with that and you pretty much have a good thing going there and you will surely be able to build up your momentum as you progress in learning about wedding photography.

  1. Take advantage of the wind

Weddings are also extremely dramatic events. You should be able to take your cue from that and have some kind of drama and flair apparent in your wedding photography style. Take advantage of how the wind ruffles the bride’s veil gently. Try to capture that quintessential moment when the petals the flower girls throw on the ground get blown away as if in synch with the church music played on while awaiting the bride’s arrival at the altar. The wind is absolutely for free and unless there’s a particularly strong storm coming in; it will most certainly almost always work on your favor.


baby photographyLearning how to photograph babies may seem intimidating at first but once you get to wrap your head around it, you’ll eventually figure it out and well, for lack of a better term, you will see that this kind of photography niche is actually quite adorable. It is a very rewarding experience, to say the least. You get to immortalize their innocence and their alluring and fun personality. It’s just downright something that you don’t get to experience and have the honor of doing everyday if you’re not photographing babies for a living. What you need to know ahead of time though is that this isn’t all fun or a walk in the park at all. It can take up a lot of your time and patience but you can be guaranteed that it will all be worth it in the end.

You can basically categorize babies based on their age

It will tell you a lot about how to handle them, what the best approaches or poses are and how you could take it from there. You can start off with the newborns. This phase is probably the easiest to take pictures off. For one, newborns are known to really sleep a lot. As a matter of fact, they sleep almost all the time. So it would be wise for you to do the photo shoot while they are fast asleep.

First month

The first month is also another important milestone that most parents would like to be able to document that moment. At this age, it would be great to photograph babies with their parents. The babies don’t fidget as much because they have their support system with them and on top of that, they also get to have that family memento.

Third month

The third month is another monumental moment for photographing babies. This is usually the stage that takes up the most of a photographer’s patience. They cannot keep still that much and you would need to watch out for moments when they smile, wink or yawn because they go by so fast and missing to capture that opportunity in your images would be a really missed moment.

Fourth month

The fourth month is perfect for shots of the parents cradling the baby without having them as a part of the photo. You also will not be able to do this later on since the baby tends to grow out and become heavier and a hand shot will not be a feasible pose to work on.

Fifth month

The fifth month and onwards would be perfect for sitting shots since they can pretty much lift their heads by this time and sit up. You will be surprised at the wide array of whimsical facial expressions babies can come with and you will see that at the end of the day, it’s something that you can definitely do for a long time and absolutely fall in love with it.

You can start doing this as a favor for friends and family members or even for your own kids, if you have any. It doesn’t have to be perfect at first; you can always improvise and find your sure footing as you progress.



baby photographyPhotographing babies is rewarding. Parents are always on the lookout for that photographer who knows just the right tricks to be able to choreograph baby photoshoots. This takes much more skill than you would initially think, by the way. Being able to come up with that “keeper” photo is special. It is something the parents and close relatives and friends could treasure and moon over for years and years to come.

Although photographing babies may not necessarily be a walk in the park. It’s not necessarily rocket science either. With a few tips under your belt and a whole lot of practice, it should be something you can easily accomplish in the near future. We’ve listed a few quick and easy fixes for you to help you out in learning how to photograph babies.

Make use of natural light

Turn off your flash and make use of what’s readily available to you. You will come to appreciate that natural light is actually quite flattering for people and plays up on their features especially if you’re taking portraits. There are a lot of dimensions being put into focus and you get options in terms of perspectives and angles.

Use a white backdrop with a backlight

You will notice that with this kind of setup, the colors tend to pop up more and the baby’s features are more pronounced and with the right focus and attention to detail, can churn out really gorgeous looking pictures.

Watch out for the candid photos

In case you haven’t noticed, babies are not too good with posing. They’re not familiar with a staged setup and cannot take instructions. This is why you need to watch out for the candid photos because they’re usually the most adorable. Be quick and alert in pre-empting those moments so you can capture them and immortalize them in your photos. Patience is a virtue and this is one particular trait that you should really hold on to for baby photoshoots.

Get close

It pays to come a little closer. Don’t hesitate to get on the floor or scoot to take that great picture. Babies are quite little, after all. More often than not, the setup for photoshoots will be on the floor anyways so you might as well get down there and get those angles taken care of. Plus, there’s a certain personal touch when you get to the same vantage level as with your subject.


This may seem silly but photographing digitally is for free anyway and you don’t have to worry about wasting roll after roll of film so you might as well take as many photos as you can so that you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to editing time. Children move fast and have very short attention spans so you will almost always be guaranteed of varying poses and pictures.


iphoneographyPhotographing an entire wedding with just an iPhone was an audacious idea I have entertained in my head for quite some time not but have never actually gotten up the courage to do for a client. This was until a friend particularly asked for this photography style. Just to clear things up, I didn’t do it professionally, it was more of as a favor for a friend and I was sort of the backup photographer for the wedding while being a guest at the same time.

How iPhoneography Came to Be

Shooting a wedding, even as a favor, is still a pretty huge deal so even if I was just tasked to arm myself with nothing but my iPhone, I was adamant on making sure I came well prepared. I have an iPhone 6 and the very first thing I did was closely scrutinize the camera features that it came with. Making the most of my equipment is key to success after all, isn’t it?

Basically, the term has been iPhoneography has been coined referring to the words iPhone photography compounded. It refers to the usage of the iPhone for taking photos or videos, be it of ordinary mundane things or important life-changing events such as weddings. One of the reasons why the iPhone is such a viable candidate for photography is because of the fact that it has a fairly high camera resolution as opposed to the other phones in the market.

What I learned from the experience

All throughout the process of my coverage of my friend’s wedding through my iPhone, here are a few tidbits of knowledge gained through that little experiment:

Natural light is your best friend. Wide open spaces, picture frame windows, and picturesque open doors that let the sun light come in helped me tremendously in my capturing of almost perfect pictures. I was able to take gorgeous portrait pictures as well as more spontaneous ones from the bride and groom and the rest of the guests.

Play around with the settings of your camera. Interestingly, there are multiple settings that you can play with when it comes to your phone’s camera. I was surprised to notice the pleasant semblance with the way you can change the settings on the DSLRs too!

Maximize your battery life. As much as possible, at least all throughout the duration of the event, limit your battery usage to camera use alone since that was the sole purpose for the event, to begin with. This gives you the upper hand of not having the battery draining too fast, which smart phones are particularly notorious for. Still, it won’t hurt to come prepared so you might as well bring a power bank or two, or even an actual functioning charger if outlets are available in the venue.

Proximity is your ally. Try to get as close to your subject of focus as much as you can and never ever use the zoom feature. It tends to blur out some images and that’s something you might want to avoid especially when covering special events such as weddings.

Overall, I can say my iPhoneography experience has been pleasant. Will I ever try to do it again? Perhaps I will, for fun. Will I ever consider swapping it out for my DLSR? Probably not.


dslr cameraPhotography is an interesting field that more and more people are getting interested in. You can see people everywhere pointing their cameras at interesting subjects they want to take pictures of. Even in various events like weddings, you will notice a number of attendees getting their cameras to photographer the scene, the people and the moment.

People use different types of cameras in trying to capture images. For photo hobbyists and regular users, a point and shoot or even their camera phone is enough. For amateur photographers, they prefer a mirrorless or a digital single lens reflex camera while most professionals use DSLRs.

Try to notice the professional photographers in several weddings and events you attend, most if not all of them carry a DSLR when shooting. A DSLR camera is considered to be the “professional” type among the different cameras available in the market today.

You can find many DSLR camera created by several camera manufacturers today and they are available in different prices, sizes and models. Some are entry-level models that are designed for beginners while there are more advanced DSLRs who are suitable for more experienced photographers.

If you are planning to buy a new DSLR but do not know what to buy, then here are some of the best features to look for when shopping for a new digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera.

  1. Sensor size

DSLR cameras differ in sensor size, some have larger, full-frame sensors while others have APS-cropped sensor. Both full-frame and cropped can produce high quality images but full-frame DSLRs are generally better in low-light. Expect to pay more though when buying a full-frame.

  1. Speed

Speed is important for some photographers since they need to take shots of action and fleeting moments. If you are among those who are into sports or action, then speed is critical for you and there are camera models that are fast or are specially created for speed photographing. Make sure to know what brands or models are fast and suitable for speed photographing.

  1. Shooting modes

Cameras have common shooting modes like aperture priority, shutter priority, manual and auto. Think first on what shooting modes you will probably be often using so you can add this as one of your basis when choosing a camera.

  1. ISO range

Some DSLRs have ISO that are as high as 1000 while others are limited to 400. ISO refers to how the sensitivity of camera light and the higher the number, the more light can get it.This won’t matter a lot if you have won’t be shooting in low-light places.

  1. HDR Video

Most DSLR cameras allow users to record videos but not all of them can produce high quality videos. Only some have 1080 resolution and can help photographers produce great quality videos if they want to.

  1. Image Stabilization

There are cameras that have image stabilization feature. Image stabilization is critical especially if you love to capture movement or action.

Remember to know and understand the features and specifications of several DSLR cameras before purchasing one.


Getting Married? Do not Miss These Remarkable Tips!

Your wedding is an extremely vital occasion in your life. It needs to be unforgettable as well as enjoyable, yet this is only achieved with appropriate forethought and preparation. This article will set out some ideas for the excellent wedding event as well as aid you to concentrate on celebrating this joyous celebration with those around you.

Select your reception place with the visitors in mind. If your household is primarily senior after that you typically aren’t likely to select an area with a lot of staircases, or a huge dancing flooring. If you have any individual in your family who is disabled after that you need to make sure that the venue understands they’re coming as well as will certainly make every little thing easily accessible to them.

Having a guestbook or function video is an exceptional method for each guest to be able to share their thoughts and memories with you. You can review it later on as your relationship expands as well as bear in mind all the people who are most important to you as well as how much they factor into your life together.

Traditions are a quite good point, but do not kill yourself in order to accomplish every wedding celebration custom you have actually ever listened to. One of the most crucial facet of the wedding celebration is that you are making a commitment with the person you love. Everything else should simply be a fun method to commemorate that.

Think of having a holiday wedding event. You could save a considerable amount of cash if you get wed in late November or December. The majority of locations are already enhanced for the holiday, which suggests that you may not need to buy florals or other costly things that may be past your budget.

Pictures that couples won’t think about can make their wedding album special. If you’re doing the digital photography, make certain to take images of all the small things, consisting of the rings, bouquet, invites, program, tables, pie, food, food selection, and great deals of candids of the visitors getting there. You could find much more concepts in wedding event journals as their photography will be top notch.

Make use of greater than one cam when photographing a wedding to be prepared for any sort of shot. It’s nice to have 2 different setups, as an example one large angle lens and also one long lens so you can get photos of differing elements of the exact same shot. It likewise enables you continue taking images even if among your video cameras dies.

Talk with your friends and family in relation to solutions for your wedding event. You never recognize when you could have an overlooked relative that deals with music or cooking. You may additionally locate that your friends have connections to solution professionals that can supply you a reduced price because of the recommendation.

Wedding celebrations are important to prepare appropriately, as they are very important turning points in lots of people’s lives. By using the tips from this short article, you can learn to prepare a superb wedding celebration conveniently and properly decreasing the anxiety associated with identifying exactly what to do and exactly what not to do. A wedding celebration is a wondrous celebration so use the guidance from this short article and also delight in the minute!