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wedding photographer CardiffShould the entire burden of the success of your wedding photographs be placed on the wedding photographer Cardiff alone? This is a very important question as polls indicate that wedding couples often shift the blame of the outcome of their images to the shoulders of the photographer. They blame the photographer for not taking the images according to their requirements.

Although to a large extent the turn out of the images is up to the skill set of the photographer, this does not mean the couple is absolved of all responsibility. Just like the couple took the proactive step in securing the services of the photographer, they ought to also take a proactive step in ensuring that everything is in place to ensure the success of the pictures.

Most photographers are flexible and innovative and try to make the best of a situation. But, circumstances aren’t always favorable. Therefore, as the person requiring the services of the photographer, here are some things you can do to make their job easier:

  • Taking them to the wedding venue

How can a Wedding Photographer Cardiff plan properly for the event if he or she has no idea of what to expect from the venue? One thing you need to understand is that we proper planning comes adequate preparation. If a photographer gets to visit the wedding site before the d-day, he or she knows the tools that will be required to accomplish the feat of beautiful images.

Another reason why a visit to the site is important is lighting. Lighting is very essential for photography. There is only so much a flash bulb can help to achieve. If the wedding is going to take place during the day, afternoon or night, the photographer needs to come with various tools to ensure the type of light during these periods has no bad effect on the outcome of the images.

Sure, most it is part of the craft of photography to always be prepared for anything but foresight is still better than hindsight.

  • Wedding shot list

For your wedding images, you need to decide if you are giving the wedding photographer a blank canvas to shoot images or he or she needs to abide by a certain shot list. If you require certain images to be taken, then make it known to the photographer! Due to the expertise of the photographer, there is already a certain level of awareness regarding specific images that must be included in the wedding album. However, apart from these images and those he happens to shoot during the course of the wedding, what else can you expect?

To avoid any instance of “why didn’t you take this” or “you should have done that”, then both you and the photographer need to sit down and hash out the details of the images. This way, you know that your ideal pictures will be part of the wedding album and the wedding photographer Cardiff Kathryn Adams knows that there are certain things you will be looking out for. Cooperation is always key to successfully capturing relevant images.


As a Cardiff based wedding photographer, you need to understand what the value of networking is to your profession.

this London family photographerNetworking is the lifeblood of businesses out there. It is also more or less your best chance of being able to expand your reach as well as your connections as a professional wedding photographer. Go out of your way to constantly get in touch with the vendors that you have managed to work with in all of the weddings that you have booked. Like this Cardiff wedding photographer, make it a point to always go around during the wedding so that you can introduce yourself to the different wedding vendors involved. Make a habit out of constantly having a freshly printed stack of business cards that you can give out to people. This way, they also have something to go ahead and remember you by when it all comes down to it. Reach out to them on social media as well. Communication is very easy to get a hold of these days and you should allow yourself to miss out on the golden opportunities.

Plan out your network as a Cardiff based wedding photographer.

Map things out the right way when it comes to your networking efforts as a wedding photographer. You need to be very picky with the kind of connections that you get to make as a wedding photographer. Plan out which vendors you will be spending more time on compared to the others. When you come to think about it, not all vendors bring in the same amount of potential new business at the end of the day. This is something that you need to go ahead and do something about when it all comes down to it. One such example would be the aspect of checking out whether a wedding venue owner deserves the same amount of time to be invested on him as with a florist. A florist doesn’t really have that much potential as opposed to a wedding venue owner. A wedding venue owner will usually get first dibs on the wedding bookings out there. You might want to consider just adding the florist on social media but on the other hand, booking an afternoon coffee date with the wedding venue owner.

There is no such thing as competition for as far as networking is concerned.

Competition is just an illusion. Make sure that your sense of competitiveness will not stop you from being able to keep tabs with the different wedding vendors in your area. All contacts matter one way or the other. The minor success of one vendor does not directly equate to your own personal loss. Help lift each other up because this is technically what networking is all about. It is a kind of attitude that you will need to adapt to and embrace.

Show love to your vendors as a wedding photographer.

Show support to the vendors that you managed to make connections with when it all comes down to it. Take the time to feature a vendor or two in your blog every now and then just to keep you on their good graces. This is a form of emotional banking that will surely get to bring you returns in the long run.