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Have faith in your efforts.

Essex wedding photographerIf you don’t, then it really is pretty much a moot point and you can just throw in the towel and give up on the whole thing altogether. This is not the right way to go and you have to know right out that your efforts have always been and will always be good enough. If you feel as if you have honestly thrown in your heart and soul into what you are trying to do for the wedding, then it should be good enough. Stop looking over your shoulders all the time and stop second guessing yourself every step of the way. You are going to come off looking crazy and paranoid and this is never a good look for any bride no matter which way you might want to take a look at it. Try to remember that all throughout the time that you are planning out the wedding details. If you hired out a great Essex wedding photographer for the job, stop being a backseat driver and stop asking to look through the LED display after each and every single shot. You’ll feel better and you will enjoy yourself more.

Be original.

Although it would be nice for you to have some inspiration pegs every now and then, it still tends to be so much better if you can throw in your own flavour into the mix when you have a wedding to plan out. People will appreciate this so much better and people will love the fact that you are sharing something unique and something personal. You wouldn’t want them to feel as if they are getting the usual run of the mill wedding theme. You want things to be so much more than that after the fact and this requires work and at times even a little bit of risk which is why you should do your best to get things figured out as much as you possibly can. Make the wedding details revolve around the kind of story that you and your partner share. It will be easier that way and it will have so much more substance than the regular stuff you usually see on Pinterest or Tumblr and the like.

Remember why you are getting married.

When you are planning out the details, it can be easy to lose focus and forget the entire reason why you are doing this in the first place. Most brides sort of feel detached and feel disconnected from the things happening or going on around them. You should never let something like this happen to you at all at any point in time. Forget about the Essex wedding photographer being there all the time or the planner constantly buzzing in your ear. Sit back and relax and enjoy the moments.

Know your priorities.

This way, you have a clear line marked out for the things that you can compromise on and the things that you can somewhat consider as non-negotiable so far. Knowing what you want and what are the most important to you will give you a fairly level head all throughout the wedding planning process.


Most people think that the most stressful aspect of a wedding is the planning stage.

Essex wedding photographerAlthough this in itself is true, having the right information on what you need to add to your plans as well as knowing where to look to for your plans to be well implemented all contribute to how easy or how difficult wedding can be. Every detail of the wedding form the essex wedding photographer to the flower bouquet has to be perfect and I guess that is what contributes to the headache most couples experience during wedding planning.

So if you find yourself planning a wedding in Essex anytime soon, find below all the information you will need to get yourself started.

The Dressmaker

Do you want a specially made gown with intricate pearls woven into it? Must your wedding suit be a certain cut? From the wedding veils to the wedding outfit of the brides maid, you can find all that you need and much more just by patronising the variety of dressmakers present in Essex. Some of the companies of repute present are Peaches Wedding Shop and Saville Bridal Designs amongst others.

Attend a wedding event

If you have never attended a wedding before or you find that the most recent wedding you attended happened to be 5 years ago, then you might need to attend a more recent one to give you ideas on how you want your own wedding to be like. Wedding magazines can also be a source of inspiration but the pictures and information that are there are gotten from real life weddings. It is not necessary to get yourself an invite to an actual wedding as simply heading to one of the wedding events such as The Brentwood Wedding Show and Lords Golf and Country Club Wedding Fair is enough. You can also come across wedding vendors and essex wedding photographers at these events.

Personal Trainer?

Do you think you need to lose little bit of weight for that big day? Are you finding it difficult to abstain from the little treats that will find you struggling to get into your wedding dress days from now? Well this is where having a personal trainer might be of use. There is no doubting the fact that every couple wants to look their best on the wedding day and if pushing yourself the extra mile is what it takes, then the personal trainer might just be what you need.


The type of font, stationary and font you want featured in your wedding invites also need to be chosen. There are a lot of stationary suppliers in Essex so be sure to pay them a visit.

Wedding Photographer

I am yet to encounter a wedding that does not have a wedding photographer. When looking for Essex wedding photographers, the best option out there always start and end with Studio Rochford.


The flowers will most likely be decorating every nook and cranny of the wedding from your wedding bouquet to the wedding hall. So make sure you do your research on notable flower shops in Essex.

Photography, Weddings

wedding photographer from essexWhen you are mapping things out for your wedding photography plans and coverage, what you need to understand is the fact that you are going to need to work things out in a value of two’s all of the time. This will ensure that things will all work out according to plan the entire time that your wedding is in full swing. You need to make sure that the coverage you get will always be well worth the effort and that there will always be backups and contingencies set in place in case some things don’t work out according to plan all of the time. You need to make sure that you will be able to see things through the right way when it all comes down to it.

Always consider at least two options for booking.

Consider the top two options you have in the running for your wedding photography needs and make sure that you will have all of the right things going for them all of the time. You need to understand that when it all comes down to it, you can’t just pin your hopes on one person alone. What if that photographer, for some reason, decides to back out at the very last minute? This can come in with some truly tragic repercussions and this can really impact the way that you handle your wedding photography coverage for your special day. If you at least have 2 options going on for you, you still get to empower yourself with the choices that you have at the end of the day. This is the type of thing that will more or less get you covered no matter what happens.

Make sure that the photographer that you go with has at least a second confirmed shooter booked for the wedding.

This way, you are guaranteed that you will always have a great perspective and variety in your perspectives at the end of the day. This is the type of thing that will help you more or less work things out the right way and this is the type of thing that you should always be looking into all of the time. Not booking a second shooter might mean that if the main photographer misses out on some moments during the wedding, those moments are lost forever. You will get a far more conclusive coverage knowing that you have all of these things working out for you the right way when it all comes down to it.

Back up your files.

Make sure that you back up your files or the files that have been submitted to you by your official wedding photographer. The moment that your wedding photographer from Essex submits the USB drive, make it a point to make copies of the images right away either on the cloud or via another flash drive or external hard drive. It will all work out for you in the end. This way, even if you lose one of the copies, you will always have a backup.