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Grand Rapids wedding photographerShould a wedding photographer get an insurance? How important is it to protect your equipment and other things from something that might never happen? I’m sure that’s what a Grand Rapids wedding photographer who just started out think.

But here’s the catch, bad things happen not after they inform you. They happen suddenly, unexpectedly, even after you do your best to prevent anything from happening. The fact is that there are things we cannot control, people we cannot predict and situations that just appear without expected.


It’s not a new thing to hear that another professional wedding photographer loses his camera while working on a job. It’s such a bad day for the photographer and also the clients because there might be pictures in it already. If the thief is nice enough to leave the memory card somewhere, there won’t be much of a problem.

Well, except for the fact that the photographer needs to replace his camera. Again. And that’s not a cheap thing. But having an insurance makes it possible for you get a replacement for free. It’s free of hassle and all you have to do is to file your report of losing it and the company will proceed to give you a full payout.


Other wedding photographers have it worse with the weather against their favor. Sometimes, bad enough to cause damage to the building and everything they have in the studio! It’s not something that you can control nor can you move your studio once you know a storm is coming. But way before that, you expected the area to be prone to a disaster.

A professional Grand Rapids wedding photographer from told us that it’s not a loss to get a property insurance for a wedding photographer. You need a place to work on your pictures and you obviously cannot work in the open air. Maybe your computers are broken even! You need a literally new place to continue working on them.

And that’s where the insurance company because they don’t just cover the damage. They will also cover the fee to rent that new place!

Reassure your clients

Some clients are worrywarts as they don’t know if their photographers are the right choice. Don’t feel offended because they need to be careful! It’s a lifetime choice, after all, they don’t get to take wedding pictures anymore after this. It won’t be the same anymore. So, they will seek for signs to see if you are a professional wedding photographer as you claim to be.

Having an insurance shows that you are serious about your job. You will do your best and make sure that you are not just talking about it.

A Grand Rapids wedding photographer will do well to follow our advice. Insurance is not a prevention, but protector when things happen. Because you don’t prevent bad things from happening, even when you have done your best. You can only anticipate for those things to happen to yourself and don’t let those things to deal you a huge damage financially.