Wedding Flowers – How to Choose

wedding flowersApart from the many things you have to prepare, flowers can be confusing especially when you have no idea about flowers except for roses, tulips and lilies (sometimes, we do not even know the shape of the flower names we spout).

However, there is no need to be worried about the fact that you or your partner are both in the dark about flowers, because many flower designers, such as wedding flowers by Briar Rose Design, know what to do for you.

Briar Rose Design

Wedding flowers by this house is always different from what they have created before. Especially because wildflower bouquets are created according to the feeling, mood, and theme the couple have decided on. Each couple is different, and different flowers will represent their event when tying the knot.

Having been featured in multiple sites and blogs about wedding and brides, their design is especially concerned with their clients theme and needs. Clients will frequently come at a loss of what kind of flowers they need. But this place has done hundreds of other wildflower wedding bouquets before and couple may browse through their gallery looking for something that may strike them as pretty and representing their heart. Though, recreating is impossible, your wedding flowers will be uniquely yours without ever being the same with others.

The Briar Rose Design considers these several aspects of your wedding:

  • Theme, is it an all while party, or a special themed party will decide how your flower should look like; cute, soft, luxurious, or certain colors you like?
  • Dress, your dress which is most likely going to be white is one thing that we like; it further enhances the beauty of your bouquet, making it easy to mix any colors. The only thing we need to consider, though, is the design of your dress. Some people go for a very simple dress, others go for Olympian theme and some others are probably wearing the precious dress their mothers bestowed on them.
  • Bride’s physical height and personalities, depending on your height, the length and size of your flowers will make you look even smaller, or not big enough to be significant.
  • Type of flowers that you particularly like, maybe there’s that one kind of flower that your boyfriend gave you on your first date, or there’s one flower that you’ve always liked and want to use for your wedding, it is not necessary to be have one, so don’t dwell on this too much.
  • Ribbon or trails, the trend is having the ribbon of your bouquet trailing down and swirls when the wind blows.
  • Season of the year, among the four season, there are flowers that only bloom on certain ones, and because of that, they make your bouquet even more special.

These are also the aspects that you will need if you want to know and learn a little about flowers and making personal changes to your wedding flowers. There are hundreds of types of flowers you can choose for your bouquet, each with a different shape and color hue to themselves, some emitting fragrant smells that accompany you through your party. Wedding flowers is a fun and interesting thing to do among your wedding preparation once you get a little hang of it.